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2020 Annual Meeting

All our welcome to join us for the The Watershed Center’s 2020 Annual Meeting.

Our featured talk this year is

“Investing in Water Quality in Vermont:Connections and Implications for Watershed and Conservation Groups” with Neil Kamman. Neil is the director of the newly formed Watershed Investment Division of the Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).

Come also learn about The Watershed Center organization and Waterworks property. Light refreshments and feel free to bring a snack or dessert to share.

Full schedule will be posted shortly.

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  1. Where could I get a map of all the trails at Bristol Watershed? This weekend, Sept 7, 2020 part of the trail near the beginning was flooded beyond passable. I thought someone would have posted a warning. But it was all good we just used another trail. Which piqued my interest into the different trails. We walked on a “road” for awhile which turned back into a trail. Not knowing exactly where we were or how far the trail led we decided to turn back. We hiked for 3 hours so covered a lot of ground.
    Would love a map of all the trails at this site!


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